Billy McLaughlin’s interest in music started while growing up in a house full of instruments where he experimented with drums, piano, and event he trumpet. Eventually, he settled on the guitar. By the ninth grade, he had his first paying gig and knew from that point on he wanted a career in music. He graduated with honors from University of Southern California in a program that allowed him to pursue more than classical music. Billy has won numerous awards including the MN Music Academy’s Guitarist of the Year” and NACA’s “Jazz Entertainer of the Year” and a Hall of Fame Achievement Award. In addition, Billy has charted top 10 on Billboard. He has over 15 years of touring experience including stops in Japan and Europe. Critics round the globe recognize Billy as an innovative world-class acoustic guitarist, composer, and producer.

SOULFOOD Discography:

Guitar Meditations
Guitar Meditations Vol. II

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