Anakwad (Frank Montano) is a respected Ojibwe elder and master flute maker from the Red Cliff Reservation near Bayfield, Wisconsin who began his flute playing following interpretations of dreams by traditional elders. The traditional Native American flute and chants found in his music are an extension of his Native American and Mexican heritage. Anakwad, which means cloud in Ojibwe, has sold over 500,000 units worldwide.

Anakwad shares his gifts by performing and presenting at concerts, schools, prisons, wellness conferences and treatment centers where his soothing, evocative sounds reflect the spirit of the flute. He has performed throughout the US, including the prestigious Smithsonian Folk Festival, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Japan. He is committed to local environmental issues and community concerns and can often be found participating in ceremonies for his own personal growth.

SOULFOOD Discography:

Sky Spirit
Mystic Canyons
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