Flamenco Soul

Improvijazzation Magazine –
Mr. Cortes is a third generation gypsy and his bloodlines shine through his fingers. The compositions approach jazz, but stay (very) true to the Latino roots…fiery, with a “Weather Report” type bass line under (most of) the cuts, this stuff moves you with passion and style! Easy to visualize late-night campfires on gypsy caravans & by the second cut you may find yourself up & dancing the night away! A rich recording and players in love with the music they play all contribute to a recording that gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us.

Nightflying Magazine –
Spanish Gypsy flamenco guitarist Pedro Cortes shows off more than just his talent on this album. For one thing, he lets us glimpse a bit of the Moorish influence on the flamenco style and for another, he and his producer bring in some more modern outside influences as well. There’s more than a touch of Gato Barbieri to the horn section. This is not a typical album of flamenco music, not by a long shot, not with sitar and piano, saxophone, flutes, cello, and violin in the mix. But is a good example of just how fascinating musical exploration can be.

NAPRA Review –
This aural adventure visits the Andalusian countryside in a New Age-jazzy-retro music machine. Labels such as “Nuevo Flamenco” cease to apply to DJ Free’s broadly encompassing style as he handles ambient soundscapes, keyboards, engineering, and mix. Global flavor and a free-wheeling sampling o many genres combine in this collaboration between the traditionally trained guitarist and the award-winning sound designer. Nine tracks, composed by Cortes, display his reach beyond strict flamenco tradition into an exploration and fusion styles. Accompaniment includes bass guitar, sitar, oud, percussion, flute, cello, sax, piano, violin, flamenco singer and other vocal talents. Elements of jazz, New Age, and world music season the mix, which is instrumentally inventive enough to be categorized Contemporary Instrumental/Vocal, yet always returns to the classical strength of Cortes’ guitar.




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