Guitar Meditations

New Age Retailer –
Billy McLaughlin is one of the hottest acoustic guitarists around. Blistering riffs spill from his fingers like liquid light. But don’t look for nay of that on Guitar Meditations. On their latest release, McLaughlin and SOUFLOOD have crafted one of the best guitar-based meditation albums I’ve ever heard. It is filled with gentle, quiet tunes floating like leaves in a freshening breeze. Languorous chords seem to defy gravity as ambient synthesizer textures frame the music with golden glow.

Taking a break from your day with Guitar meditations is like slowly moving along a lazy river. Nature sounds drift by, softly punctuated by chimes and organic keyboards. At times the music reminds me of Will Ackerman, and that’s high praise, indeed. Like Ackerman, McLaughlin imbues his music with subtle emotions, fleeting glimpses into the heart that inspire listeners to the highest, most sublime sense of the sacred. Guitar Meditations offers listeners divine acoustic guitar music.

Ted Co, Music Reviewer –
In a complete departure from the flashy, fiery and unique style of two-handed guitar finger picking, McLaughlin crafts a peaceful and eloquent package of tranquil tunes reminding one of Will Ackerman’s recordings for Windham Hill. Harking back to the early pioneers of acoustic New Age, McLaughlin has appeared on several Narada Albums both his own and included with other guitar pickers. Here Soulfood provides infrequent synth string introductions and background for his sweet and melodic six string impressions. McLaughlin’s special style, both in tuning and picking the guitar, makes for a peaceful, easy listening album of multitracks. His fingers seem to glide effortlessly across the strings. Not until his final tracks does McLaughlin reprise his unique style of previous recordings with an octet of fingers flying across the fretboard. This latest collaboration between McLaughlin and the successful SOULFOOD team provides an hour of relaxing and meditative guitar styling.

Tom Schulte, Out Sight –
On Guitar Meditations, guitarist Billy McLaughlin joins SOULFOOD for a tranquil blending of acoustic guitar and synthesizer meditations. McLaughlin is a lauded jazz guitarist for this reflective aural experience aimed at setting the mood for massage, meditation and yoga.

The Light Connection, Vista, CA –
This musical journey integrating McLaughlin’s amazing acoustic guitar with soothing synthesizer and ambiance by SOULFOOD creates the perfect enhancement for massage, meditation and yoga.

NAPRA Review –
McLaughlin’s softly unfolding acoustic guitar beckons a moment’s repose and quietude. When joined by SOULFOOD’s ambient soundscapes and synthesizer, the mix is ideal for meditation, relaxation, and massage. With a background of chimes, water, nature sounds, and hypnotic synth, gentle strumming stirs a sense of peace and tranquility – at once moving and stilling. Of special note are tracks 2, 7 and 11, which enhance the melodic and rhythmic depth along this mostly smooth-flowing musical journey.




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