BJ Birosik, syndicated reviewer –
A new musical adventure that integrates ambient, pop and contemporary hip-hop beats with cross-cultural chants from India and the Americas. The rhythms are suitably esoteric and complex, yet deeply affecting, tapping into the listener’s primal soul with a sinuous sound that awakens cellular past life memories. African drums, Native American flute, Australian didgeridoo, piano, cello and other instruments weave a timeless tapestry through which wordless vocals are threaded; occasionally rising to the surface of this simmering stream of sound are mesmerizing chants that reverberate in resonant reverie through the outer edges of imagination.

Lloyd Barde, reviewer –
Another A+ effort- great rhythms and melody lines.

New Age Voice –
Hypnotic, enticing, mesmerizing, WingMakers is imbued with the gentle spirit that resides in the adventurous heart of an alien nation.

Billboard Magazine –
A multimedia endeavor on the techno-tribal edge of the wired world.

Rock City News, LA –
Its ethnic and electronic instrumentation, natural environmental ambiance, vocals that find the balance between earthy and ethereal and hypnotic rhythms, are truly amazing! Highly recommended.




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