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download at Soulfood - Guitar Meditations Vol. 3

SOULFOOD and friends join together to create the latest addition to the best-selling and critically acclaimed Guitar Meditations series. Gentle acoustic guitar blends with peaceful woodwinds, bamboo flute and serene soundscapes, creating music that sooths and clams. This music is perfect for spas, massage, and gentle yoga.

Guest Musicians include:
  • Guitarist and Emmy winning composer Ron Cohen of Ra Music whose music can be heard on The Sopranos, Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • Award winning guitarist Ricky Fitzpatrick whose music has been compared to Will Ackerman and Leo Kottke
  • Guitarist Robert McEntee who has toured with Dan Fogelberg, Carole King and others
  • Classically trained flutist Richard Hardy who has performed on IMAX’s Everest and Dolphins and with Dave Mathews, Stevie Ray Vaughan and James Taylor.

SOULFOOD specializes in Chill, World Rhythm, Yoga and Spa Music.
Our music can be heard on IMAX® Extreme (Best IMAX Score), IMAX®/ Disney’s Sacred Planet and the PBS/ National Geographic’s Condition Black. Our Billboard charting music is influenced by the world’s indigenous cultures and artfully blends acoustic instrumentation with electronica and ambient soundscapes to create timeless compositions.

Promotional Overview
  • Service to top New Age & NPR stations, syndicated and acoustic sunrise/ sunset radio shows as well as prominent guitar, music and wellness publications.
  • Ecampaign with Healing Life Styles & Spas
  • Print Ad in New Age Retailer
  • Tradeshow displays including BEA and INATS
  • Email promotion to consumers
  • Social Networking campaign on Facebook and Myspace
  • Press release and emarketing through BFM Digital


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