Artist: DJ FREE

DJ Free, the founder and president of SOULFOOD Music, is an award winning producer and composer who scored soundtracks for IMAX Extreme (Best IMAX Score) and the PBS/National Geographic special Condition Black. His influence comes from the indigenous cultures and instrumentation from around the world as well as working as a club DJ for over 10 years, including a stint at Prince’s Glam Slam. SOULFOOD CDs have charted top 15 on Billboard and top 10 on NAV. He designed his own graduate program that examines how music, technology and culture interact. A regular guest teacher at Esalen®, DJ Free received guidance when creating music for the healing arts.

SOULFOOD Discography:

Power Yoga

Tantric Chill

Spiritual Massage
Yoga Rhythm
Yoga Dream
Celestial Meditations
Shaman’s Way
Sacred Massage
Mystic Canyons

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