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Tantric Chill is a sensual odyssey filled with downtempo beats, languid melodies, exotic vocals, chants and cinematic soundscapes. SOULFOOD’s DJ Free connected with JADOO to turn a vault of sounds into a global chill release with an exotic flavor. JADOO, the creation of producer/composer Jack Clift, is a group of world class musicians from Central Asia, Europe and the America’s. Their approach is to mix traditional ethnic music with transglobal electronica, creating an alchemical experience. With over 20 years international music production experience, Jack spent over 2 years doing field and studio recordings in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Malta, Corsica, Sardinia and the U.S.

Guests include: Greg Leisz on steel guitar; Peter Schimke on piano and keyboards; Billy Peterson on bass; Ron Miles on coronet; sultry vocals by Sevara, Ana Emilia and Julia Messenger; and Corsian Chants by Vocci di Castagniccia.

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“Kaif Kun, reminds me (somehow) of early Sting, probably from the rhythmic persuasions & vocal echo effects.”
Improvijazzation Nation Rotcod Zzaj

“A step beyond Deep Forest & Enigma” Lloyd Barde, Backroads Music


1.   Invocation (0:46)
2.   Tantric Body (4:07)
3.   Sensan (4:03)
4.   Falling Rain (5:29)
5.   Enigmatica (5:12)
6.   Tantrica (4:46)
7.   Drift (4:50)
8.   Kaif Kun – Chill Mix (4:27)
9.   Slow Swing (5:49)
10. Tantric Body – Reprise (7:31)
11. The Encore (3:06)

Total (50:12)



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