Tantric Chill

Randy Albert, New Age Retailer –
Many of Jadoo’s core musicians recorded tracks for Tantric Chill during a six-month journey through Turkey and Central Asia, and the effect is evident. The CD is a true sensual transglobal electronica-meets-ethnic music odyssey dotted with downtempo beats, exotic vocals, whispered chants, and cinematic soundscapes. On “Sensan,” turntable scratches, Utkur Kadirov’s vowel-like spike fiddle, and the fretless bass of Toir Kuzivev join the breathy, evocative vocals of Sevara Nazarkham, the latter tow being regulars in Peter Gabriel’s band. Throughout Tantric Chill, producers/composers/performers DJ Free and Jack Clift add ambient soundscapes, beats, and synth and drum programming. Ana Emilia’s whispered spoken words and the six-part Corsican chants atop a perky, lush downtempo electronica chill beat sound a lot like Enigma in the aptly titled “Enigmatica.” Included on the disc are good lap-steel and pedal guitar performances by Greg Leisz (Beck). The songs on Tantric Chill make it a good downtempo chill disc for stores where Enigma and Jens Gad sell well. For best results, add it to your electronica and evening relaxation CD sections.

Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap –
If you liked those early world and other worldly sets by Deep Forest and others working that tangent, this is a next stage set that fuses in some global ethno music that almost doesn't leave the real fingerprints from where it came from but you know it didn't come from here. With a boatload of interesting guests lending prowess and the Soulfood gang at the wheel, this is a cool listening experience that let's you go to an imaginary international place without taking off your headphones. Suppose your taste for something exotic hasn't been filled lately, this is a good place to resume your search. Sexy and exotic, it goes just as well with Hennessy as it does scented candles. –
…Jadoo is a group of world-class musicians from Central Asia, Europe and the Americas whose approach is to mix traditional ethnic music with transglobal electronica, creating an alchemical experience.




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